Sunday, February 24, 2008

Irving Penn

Irving Penn in his studio
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn

Vogue cover 1950
Jean Patchett
(**recently sold for $28,750 at auction)



Woman With Roses
Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn

  • Born in 1917 - New Jersey
  • Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art
  • 1938 - Worked as a graphic artist in New York
  • Began to work for Vogue Magazine after returning to NYC from painting in Mexic
  • Vogue art director, Alexander Liberman, encouraged Penn to take first color photograph (which then became the October 1, 1943 cover)
  • Irving Penn is internationally known for editorial and fashion photography (among numerous other photographic projects) with 9 books published on photography.

-2008 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

And what do you think, Ms. Wintour?

"Our needs are simple.
We want a photographer to take a dress,
make the girl look pretty,
give us lots of images to choose from,
and not give us any attitude.
Photographers - if they are any good -
want to create art."
--Anna Wintour
Editor at Large
Vogue Magazine

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